An Update from Orphic

Hey people,

I hope your all doing well. I have been verified on google which is great news! I have released a new hoodie since my last blog, a hoodie that I think will resonate with my marketers out there. A daily reminder that “you are your own brand” and you should be constantly developing as a person because you reflect your brand significantly.

We have high hopes for our Orphic promo video which will be released shortly for advertisement and just general promotion. We hope to make a landing page on our website with the video there too. So keep your eyes peeled for some awesome footage.

I have been spending my time on my designs, innovating unique visually stunning graphics for our next t-shirt range which goes under the name “graphic motivation”. I also have multiple products in the works for our current “affirm in style” range.

We will also have one other range to be expanded shortly which features a garment for every expertise, currently, we have one product in this range made for the marketer.

I have decided to focus on honing my design skills at the moment and have hired an Instagram manager for growth as that is where my time is best spent.

Now there will be fewer Instagram growth strategies and more general business strategies talked about on this blog as I am not one to talk and teach about something that I am not practicing and implementing daily.

I also have some advice to share with you guys today, so although I engage and post myself alongside my social media manager I have realized the importance of three things this week.

1. Analysis

2. Facebook adverts

3. 70/30 rule

I have been tracking my website traffic and analyzing what makes it go up or down and you should always do this with all the important aspects of your business.

If you are not great with data then you can use a site like Fiverr (which is pretty mainstream) or a site like talent.hubstaff which is less mainstream, to outsource an expert analyst.

With Fiverr, you have to be careful because there is a lot of people who will scam you out of your money. I have not yet seen any instance of this with talent.hubstaff.

Back to my main point, I ran some very cheap budget detailed targeting Facebook ad campaign and although I knew it would help I didn’t expect the outcome I got.

From a practice budget of £2.50 daily, I saw an increase of 200+ people on my website while the adverts were running which tells me that anybody who has a good product and is not using Facebook adverts should take advantage of it ASAP.

They won’t be there forever and I think that’s something that needs to be addressed. So make the most out of it before your time is up.

Also if your product isn’t that great and you know this then don’t waste time on marketing and adverts. Use the time you would have put into that and pour it into improving and gaining feedback on the product itself as spending all your time on marketing is only an escape.

Sam Ovens calls this the 70/30 rule which I think should be used in all businesses, 70% of your time on your product, 30% of your time on marketing.

If you haven’t checked him out and your getting into business or running one I wouldn’t miss out on his YouTube channel as he provides some awesome value.

I hope you guys feel more updated about what’s going on at Orphic and have taken something away from this blog.

That’s all for now and we will speak again shortly.

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