Beginner Drop Shipping

What’s up my Orphic entrepreneurs?

This week I have been learning a lot about eBay drop shipping.

The thing is it’s so easy to do that it requires only 10 minutes a day.

As long as you list one product a day and spend 7 minutes researching and 3 minutes listing, it is a perfect form of passive income.

I found out about a few tools which I want to share with you.

The first one is a software which automatically lists products for you so you can play the odds game and try to strike lucky

The second one gives you custom description templates to add a more professional vibe to your eBay account.

So the way to actually get a sale is as follows: look for products with over 1000 sales and see if you can find this product elsewhere cheap enough to undercut their price.

The second way to get sales, if it is impossible to undercut the price, is keyword optimization.

In order to do this, you have to use a tool like title-builder and when you type in the name of your product it will come up with the hottest keywords.

Use every keyword possible that applies to your product.

You guys can start doing this right now and start making money.

Because eBay holds your money until you provide shipping details, you want to have £300 on hand and then when someone purchases from you, you go to the website and buy.

You can do this with no money, you must state in your description that the watcher enquires before purchasing and then when they message you, explain the situation and ask them to pay you directly through the PayPal app.

You could do bank transfer but it’s not as secure so it puts people off the idea.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, learned something new, and I recommend you get started right away.


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