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What’s up internet entrepreneurs?

Over the past week, I have been doing more and more research into deep work and the benefits.

I have realised that every person who has become significantly successful in a particular area can do 4 hours of deep work at a time.

What does deep work mean? 

Deep work is when you sit there for a 1 hour period or more with no distractions what so ever and try to solve a new problem.

What is the point of deep work? 

The point of deep work is to get in the flow. This can happen anywhere between 5-30 minutes in.

Once you develop a flow you enter a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit.

These efforts also create new value, improve your skills and the work that has been completed is often hard to replicate.

Examples of deep work would be to study, to write, to solve a new problem, or to create music.

The thing is a lot of us (including me) constantly do shallow work and don’t realise itShallow tasks are non-cognitively demanding activities that are often performed while distracted. e.g. scrolling through social media, using the internet, easy homework problems, organising data in a spreadsheet.

Now doing consistent deep work to solve problems is the difference between successful people who make fast progress and unsuccessful people or successful people who make extremely slow progress.

Examples of people who engage in a lot of deep work are people like: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Sam Ovens, as did Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein…the list goes on.

You want to make sure you always take a 5-minute break per hour otherwise you get too up close to a problem and can’t see clearly.

Rechargers are also recommended before and in the 5-minute breaks. For example, have a snack or clean your work space; some recommend coffee, but I don’t personally.

So for beginners, I would recommend starting at 40m-1 hour and getting used to that before building up.

I hope this has been helpful for some and you take it away and try to implement it within your own life if you don’t already.

That’s all til next week people 🙂

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