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Hello to all my visionaries out there!

I hope you are having an amazing day! Today I wanted to give you guys a bit of information that I learned the other day which is fundamental to business.

This is a task that will help business owners expand their business, make more money and ultimately have more freedom.

You have to automate, eliminate and delegate every couple of months.

Let me elaborate on that. So, you will see business owners that get tied down to their business model and it becomes like a job. These people don’t have freedom because they are always working in their business and not on it. This means that they have to be there to make money.

So every couple of months you want to do a deep evaluation on what jobs within your business are unnecessary and not producing results, then eliminate these jobs/tasks.

Next, take a look at what jobs you have to be there for and have to do manually. Find a way to automate these tasks with software.

Now, make a list of the things you like to do and a list of things you hate to do.

Hire somebody to do these jobs you hate to do and use some of your profit to pay these people. This may seem like you will make less profit but as you are not required to be there in the long run you can make way more profit.

As your business grows you are able to focus more on what you like to do and have more freedom. This is why I like this strategy.

We hope you have enjoyed this. Try to implement this strategy where you can.

Orphic Vision.

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