The Power Of Habit

Hey people,

So what’s new? 

We have just launched a YouTube channel to help you guys learn about financial intelligence.

The idea of the channel is that when I learn something new, you guys do too.

Orphic Knowledge is what I decided to name it.

In the first two episodes (the first one has been uploaded) I discuss some of the lessons I have discussed on my blog.

The next episodes I will share with you some of the cool things I have learned over the past 6 months which have helped me tremendously.

On a different note, we have 2 new t-shirts in the making and undergoing a thorough process to ensure high quality.

The first one is based on the wolf of Wall Street hence my Instagram wolf of Wall Street, based theme this week.

The second one I have released for the women’s category yet to come to stores

This week I want to talk to you guys about habit and the importance of stacking the deck in your favor.

What I mean by this is to get to where you want to go you need to create a business model that provides value or solves a problem.

Then you have to strip away all distractions, TV, food, bad diet (decreased energy and focus), social media (unless used as a tool), nights out, drugs and alcohol, negative people, etc.

Then the next step is to work towards the right direction and build that process into a habit, a way of life so it becomes easy.

To build a habit you need to practice something 21 days consistently, to create a way of life you need to practice something for 90 days consistently.

In our case, it would be to work and learn in correspondence with our goal for a good portion of our day… while maintaining balance in your other areas of life so you don’t burn out.

What I mean by stacking the deck in your favor is to build new habits of successful people in the field you are aiming to grow, and to remove distractions also with the same method.

Find these out by reading autobiography’s, doing internet-based researched, etc.

I learned this technique of Alex Becker, check him out he has some great videos.

I hope you enjoyed, took something away from this and feel motivated to start something your self or work on something.

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