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What’s up!!!! I hope you guys are enjoying the content I’ve been putting out there and learning some things. Next week is the launch of something very special, I will have Orphic Vision tees available, so I’ve been spending the last few weeks flipping things on eBay and saving up enough money to make this happen.

I’ve been planning this for a long time and I am more than ready. I made a go fund me video, this video will still be put up but I would like it to be much better and I still plan to go down the crowd fundraising route when necessary.

Last week we covered some strategies that will help you hit that first 1000 followers on Instagram and getting that initial growth in the simplest ways possible, if you have tried these methods I would love to hear your results. (feel free to DM me on @orphicvision)

So I have established my brand philosophy and my goals, I have established some innovative ways of marketing and I am on the shop rounds next week.

I will be visiting multiple screen printing shops and figuring out who has the best prices and who produces the most quality prints which are an essential part of making this work. I have got a few more necessary bits and bobs and couldn’t be more excited.

You guys will have no idea but I like to write music and lyrics, One of the things I enjoy doing is rapping on top of playing a few instruments so I’ve figured as a bit of a cheeky marketing technique I am going to put myself on some local music media platforms. I’ll try to get on to ‘first media tv, Kodh tv, press play media’ If you don’t know who they are, go have a look on YouTube, especially if you like UK rap! So that will give me a good chance represent my clothing and brand myself.

My t-shirts have also turned up but unfortunately, there has been an issue with the sizes so I’ll be keeping 10 and sending the rest back. This is a very important lesson for me as I did not plan for this to happen therefore if I had of been on a tight schedule this could of been a real problem.

My motto is to always plan for the worst and hope for the best. I have been spending a lot of time messing around with designs on an app I like to use called drawing desk, now when I go to the screen printers they will need my designs in a different format and that is my last obstacle, once I figure out how to change the dpi (resolution) and format I am ready to rumble.

Next week when the tees are available this website should be looking fresh and I’ll be discussing some more strategies for managing growth, content and where I am with the tees. For now, follow your vision.

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