Where We Are


How are my entrepreneurs doing today?

I hope you have all had a productive week and followed your vision throughout.

Today I wanted to share a bit about my journey and where we are right now.

As said previously we have a special promo video under development and a new t-shirt also in the works.

Now, as everybody reading in the UK knows, it’s the start of a beautiful summer so take a guess at what’s coming, next guys…

SLIDESSSSSSSS. I am in a tough spot right now as I need to be able to get these slides manufactured and printed within 2 weeks for an upcoming event.

The reason I am in a tough spot is I don’t have the capital, this means that I am going to have to make this product so good that it’s guaranteed to sell.

If I don’t make the money back, then I can’t pay the loan off and then I am in debt.

You’re reading this right now so you most likely follow my Instagram @orphicvision. If you do, you know I do not like debt nor do I think you should spend money before it’s yours.

There is an exception though. If you do enough research to allow you to have 100% faith in your investment without delusion then go for it.

I have been creating more content recently in the hope that I can motivate a broader range of people.

I have a big, big, big give away planned, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for a giveaway post, if you miss it you will regret it for sure.

The other day I had a realisation that entrepreneurs don’t really want to spend large amounts of money on clothing.

This is not true for every entrepreneur and that’s what caused the confusion for me in the first place as I know a lot of entrepreneurs like luxury apparel.

I wanted to work this into my brand, which is why we will keep our product pricing at a certain level.

Luxury entrepreneur apparel for the budget of a hustler.

Next week I will share some more tips and tricks that will hopefully help you on your journey.


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